Love & Wealth Mindset

Discover the Frequency of Prosperity

Join our Wealth Club, be around vibration of money, earning, spending, investing with love and joy without working harder or hustling.

Understand, Locate and Embrace …

Your power from within and use it to build your dream life..

Imagine how your life could change  if you could show up powerfully, confidently in every situation, manifest and attract what you want with ease and flow, not  with hustle and struggle… 

Who is this course for?

Then this course is for you..! Unless you are ready to put up with all that and more for longer than you have been. But if you are done with suffering, hustling, stressing out, being terrified, waiting for some day, then this is the course for you.
Let me show you how you can live a life of abundant with ease, fun and joy while money become a flow in your life… ~~ Maria

What Is Wealth Mentality?

Given that Money is a conversation, we will discover and explore what is that conversation that has money show up for you. The clearing behind it that has money, wealth, abundant become a manifestation flow in once life. This course is about distinguishing that clearing, conversation that has money show up and be manifested with ease..! You have to be ready to get this conversation by being willing to distinguish all your dis-empowering context, fears, limiting beliefs and blocks that has you not be in the flow of money the way you meant to be. With the coaching, work you will be doing you will create a new clearing, context for money to become an overflow manifestation in your life! Play with us in discovering the phenomenon of creating Wealth as a natural birth right for anyone who is willing to do the work!

Transformative vs Informative

I don’t give you only more information. I help you remove blocks, limiting beliefs, fears in your subconscious and have you be powerful with the information you already know.

Clarity on Life Purpose

Why you are here. What really makes you fulfilled that you could turn that to a career. You will discover that for yourself.

Peace of mind in your finances

When you can trust and have peace of mind that life goes the way you designed in every area

Self Worth

You will experiance dramatic shift in the quality of your relationships with money and self worth.

What Are You Getting:

You also get:

Extra Special Bonus:

This is an six to twelve weeks course consist of five modules. The speed of the course depends on your progress, and where you are at in life . You will receive homework, materials, audio and video teachings and live group coaching sessions during the course.
You will be entered in a private fb group upon your registration for the course and be invited to future wealth private club retreats, gatherings and workshops where the conversation and frequency of wealth and love is at it’s highest.



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