Helping Men & Women Attract Love & Wealth in their lives.

Ready to effortlessly manifest your dreams and desires that’s been Given to You, in a healthy and pleasurable way instead of hustling or giving up on them? Then YOU, the most powerful creature, are in the right place. We will have a beautiful journey together and I show you how to receive everything that is yours …

What can we help you with..

Transformation vs Information

We don’t give you only more information. We help you remove blocks, limiting beliefs, fears in your subconsious and have you be powerful with the information you already know.


You will see yourself as a leader of your life creating beakthrough results and living a life by design not by default.

Clarity on Life Purpose

Why you are here. What really makes you fulfilled that you could turn that to a career. You will discover that for yourself. You will find your calling..

Peace of mind in Personal & Profassional life

When you can trust and have peace of mind that life goes the way you designed in every area where money, wealth, prosperity show up for you and love, romance and joy is happening.

Effectiveness communication

How to communicate and listen effectively what’s important with clients, team members, customers, life partners that works and produce results. The communication in romantic relationship is distinct from communication in business.

Dramatic shift in quality of relationships

You will experiance dramatic shift in the quality of your relationships with people around you in your personal life as well as your professional life.

A GIFT for You

How to become successful, prosper and happy in life using masculine & feminine polarity without the hustle and struggle.. This is the first chapters of my new book for your eyes only before it's released.. Enjoy!


Private consulting and coaching

 We work with private and public groups to address their most important challenges and transform their organizations. Our custom and dedicated approach connects deep insights into high performance dynamics and close collaboration across all levels of each leader’s organization.
We embed the desired behaviors, processes, and practices in leaders’ organizations and enable them to achieve unprecedented results with consistent action, commitment, and speed. These new levels of performance and competitive advantage are unprecedented and enduring. Modern Business Education Organization was established in November 2017 by Maria Ghaderi .

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