Create Your Online Business

Take your unique process, skill set, or system and turn it into an online global business!

Imagine having a business that is serving clients not only locally but globally without you physically being there!
A comprehensive step-by-step coaching on owning your own business online. Every step laid out for you. Everything you need to get your business into the world.

A new supportive coach and mentor who believes in you. How to build your online store/office without the expense of having an actual office or store, furniture, employees..etc. And market, offer your unique services to the entire world and get paid weekly. The process I teach applies to any digital or none digital program format. You can apply the skills from this class to to any online process you can think of.

Tech stuff made easy. The know-how to expand your influence and elevate your income.

This course is for you if :

I will show you:

Some people like to create their course as they go through this course, while some people desire to simply watch the course and make a plan first. This workbook is designed to help you map out your ideas and make a plan as we go. All your notes will be there when you are ready to start!

You will get:


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What my students say about the courses

"I want to thank you for the three months time and energy you put in with me during the course. It has impacted my life, my work and my personal life so much. Thanks you for teaching me how to live and how to build business both."

Shokooh Barati / Women In Business

“When I signed up for “women course” I had no money, but lots of debt. But for every monthly payment due somehow money was surprisingly showing up to my life and i was able to complete my payments on time and register for another course with Maria. ”

Zahra Rajaei / Women In Business

I am so grateful that god put you in my journey. You’ve been there for me like a light and hope in toughest, and darkest days in business. I’m looking forward that the students of your courses become the most succesful people in their industry this year and reach their goals. Maybe this way we could give you the best present as you’ve been there for us with nothing in return.

Saba Nazarian

"I’m listening to second module on Sales and marketing in Modern Business course where Maria talks about limiting beliefs and fears.. Every time I listen and do the homework, the next day new customers and clients reach out and want to purchase from me. It’s magical. "

Farida Akbari / Modern Business course