Create Your Online Business 

Take your unique process, skill set, or system and turn it into an online global business!

Imagine having a business that is serving clients not only locally but globally without you physically being there!

A comprehensive step-by-step coaching on owning your own business online. Every step laid out for you. Everything you need to get your business into the world.

A new supportive coach and mentor who believes in you. How to build your online store/office without the expense of having an actual office or store, furniture, employees..etc. And market, offer your unique services to the entire world and get paid weekly. The process I teach applies to any digital or none digital program format. You can apply the skills from this class to to any online process you can think of.

Tech stuff made easy. The know-how to expand your influence and elevate your income.

This course is for you if :
You have a dream to make an impact, make a different in the world
You know you can positively effect the world with your voice, sill-set or god given gift..
You have a specialty, message or knowledge that can serve more people.
You are not fulfilled financially in your current business model
The idea of creating something once and selling it forever get you excited..

I will show you:

How to develop your contents in a way that is unique for your clients and target audience and they want to pay you for it .

Connect you to my resources to have your online store set up from scratch! 
Integration. The back-end system that allows your content to be delivered automatically when someone pays — without you doing anything.
Marketing the process for releasing and marketing your services to your clients. Announce, share, and constantly build and grow your target audience on internet
How to pick the right price point and payment option that works for your clients.

 Uh! Money mindset! A complete module on how to think and feel to receive money! A poor mindset can not run a successful business! So we will transform your relationship to money in this course to some extend! You got to do the work! 

 You will get:
Lifetime access to the content that can help you at anytime to set up a new online business.
 You will be in a facebook close community where you can ask questions, share, and i will stop by to do lives, answer questions, guiding, teaching and inspiring
Weekly coaching, meditations, affirmations, mindset, strategic homework till you get your work to the world.

Some people like to create their course as they go through this course, while some people desire to simply watch the course and make a plan first. This workbook is designed to help you map out your ideas and make a plan as we go. All your notes will be there when you are ready to start!

Week One:
Get clear on your unique service and work you are offering, what you teach, and the need for your course in the world. How to determining formatting, length and content. How to get clear on your ideal clients, target audience.

Week two:
How to construct a sales page that sells. (… And I’m way NOT a web designer.) Let me show you how via screen-sharing. I will build them right in front of you. Step by step. Nothing left out. The eight things every sales page must have to generate no-brainer sales. My best strategy for growing your email list with individuals who will be right for your course

Week three:
This week is all about integration and automation! I show you how to get your sales page talking to your payment buttons so that your payment buttons trigger course content to be delivered. The back-end of automating your course is so important. This allows you to sell courses and deliver content without doing anything. Tech Stuff Just Got Simple. Earning Just Got Easy.

Week Four:
Let’s talk about course branding. How to infuse your unique personality into the promotional content and sales page for your course is everything. Here is how to brand your work in such a way that it’s authentic to you + attracts your ideal clients to you. Let me show you some different places your course can live and different ways to create your courses’ home on your own website. This is simpler than you think.

Week Five:
IMPLEMENTATION WEEK: You can use this week to record content, select your launch dates, finalize your sales page, etc. This week is built-in strategically for you to work on whatever you need to before we wrap things up.

week six:
How to market your course online. I share my practical and energetic steps for enrolling students into my courses. How to utilize social media, webinars, and your email list to get your course out there. (It’s not as overwhelming as you would think…) PLUS: My process for setting goals and holding vision for my course. What I do when it looks like my course isn’t selling. This is how I squash limiting beliefs and stay connected to my goal to bring in my desired outcome.

Week seven:
Authentic sales. How to tell everyone about your offer and why they need it without being a douche bag. Let’s clear up the mindset that says getting your work into the world by selling your offer is wrong/evil/greedy/salesy, once and for all. Selling is of high service, when you know your work changes lives.

I’m sharing some of the social media techniques I use to find my target audience including Facebook lives, Instagram stories, email sequences, Facebook groups and my social media pages!
This course is held completely online!
All the teaching modules will be recorded for you.

You have completely unlimited replays.

You will receive access to the Private Facebook group upon enrolling.
You’ll have all course content and future updates forever.

A one 1:1 session with Maria Ghaderi.

Request to pay with bi-weekly or monthly Payment plan. 

Send A request via  Email 



 About Maria

In this course I will share with you WHAT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!

Growing up in a single parent family I had to learn how to work for money at different jobs since I was 16 years old.  My last job was at the bank while I was studying engineering at university. I was an over worked, under paid broke student those days. I had to borrow mom’s credit card to start and invest in my first business. It took me few weeks to pay mom back and one year after I quit my banking job and went full-time. That was on July 2009 and I never look back since then. It took me 2 years to pay off my student loan, and all other debts. By age 30 I was 100% debt free, documented six figure earner with my home base business, traveling all over Europe, middle east and USA for business and for pleasure. I can’t describe how joyful it is to earn residual income weeks after weeks for so many years consistently. Living a debt free life and travel/live all around the world. However it was not easy and I was not fulfilled! Aside being carious and adventurous something else was missing within me that had me travel and live in different places in the world every year! Watching women, specially young women going through ambitious stage, hustling, working in different jobs, mlm companies, sales jobs, hustling, accomplishing success yet being drained, numb and overwhelmed was bothering me! Something was missing that these beauties were not fully alive despite of whatever they were earning! I knew what it was! I went through it, and was able to finally transform it and be at the source of it! I knew years enjoying the fruits of everything I learned, build over years wasn’t all that I came here for. I knew the job wasn’t done and there was more for me to do, to give, to create.
There was a calling… And the more I was postponed and ignoring it the louder it was getting! I tried pushing the same business more and that wasn’t it. The more I ignored the call the more my team that I build over years suffered and I suffered more! Funny how it works! When it’s time you got no choice! I had to answer that call..! It was time to give back, and share everything, everything that worked and didn’t work with the world. Thirteen years journey of hustling, building, traveling, trial and error, learning and accomplishing yet not being happy and fulfilled.
I knew there are thousands and millions of entrepreneurs out there struggling and their coach/ business partners advice of “you just have to work harder” doesn’t do it..! They know there got to be something more.. Something that I discovered over years of spending thousands of dollars on personal development, building and losing teams, trial and error..
I finally launched this first in Farsi for the middle east in Nov 2017 since the demand and calling from that side of the world was pretty loud! I’m talking about hundreds of emails, instegram msgz, and phone calls in the middle of the night from men and women who were demanding coaching, training and support! And as soon as the coaching program was launched we had hundreds of people registered! Weeks after during the course, after it was completed the results and testimonials was bringing me to tears of joy and fulfillment! The course, and the training was producing massive breakthrough results for women, men, families, businesses, companies and communities in a large scale! And I was shocked and surprised on the types of results and testimonials my students were producing in their lives! You can read the screenshot of their msg here!
Bottom line is that in the past decade and more I’ve Learned and I’ve Earned all kind of business, success and life lessons that can help anyone’s life, business turn around and be happy and live life to it’s fullest. I would love to share with you the years of success, track record, proven experiences that I created in my business. I wish I had someone with 13 years success track record, millions of dollars sales volume to partner with me in my first years in business and wanted to hand me her success lessons and say that “No it doesn’t have to be hard. And you don’t need to hustle.” . These coaching, mentor-ship cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and I would love to share that with you for almost nothing. The same results that took me years to create might,and will help you create in one year or less. Once you are in we will set structures that works around your life and help you to get to where you want to be as soon as possible. Looking forward to see you part of the core group success stories. Here you can read some of the success stories of people we’ve been working together. If you are truly ready for a big shift, a big change for your life then I’m here to help you. My job is to show you the direction that someone else showed me when I was finally ready.. That was the time when I stopped and made the decision that Enough is Enough! I want change and I’m ready to be coached and directed only by those who actually made it..! If you are at that stage of your life and ready for the big shift then my promise is that I will reveal to you the world’s best kept secrets.! It’s way simple that you think it is..!

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