Maria is an international success coach for entrepereneurs and a soulful business guru to thousands of people who follow her work in different languages around the globe. Read some of the testimonials and success stories here.

“Women In Business” Testimonials

Roza: Hello to the best and most beautiful leader in the world. I just wanted to thank you. Tonight I sold product to three clients. Now i truly understand when you were telling us not make things so complicated. This is a simple business. Introducing business and...

Lior S

Lior S a former IT consultant who owned his own IT company. He joined  in 2009 and within his first year he was able to replace his income and go full-time with my home business and close his traditional IT business. He became one of the top earners and has won many...

Maria Ghaderi

I was an over worked, under paid broke university student working at the bank when I got introduced to the business in 2009. It took me just a year to double my banking job income doing the business part time and become retired from my job by age 25. In less than 3...

Michelle R

Maria and I met on 2010 where she introduced me to network marketing industry. At the time after years of putting my career as an actor and opera singer on the back burner while balancing a day job as a service director for an airline, I was exhausted and constantly...

Elyana Shukri

I am account manager from Christchurch, New Zealand. I work hard for the rest of my life, but I realised that earning income through salary is not going to help me to have the life I always dream of. I've been searching for years and been listening to global...

Eddy Brenes

I joined the team May 2013 while I was 6 in construction business for 6 years before that and I worked with group of 40+ years old men that i watch them complaining about never had enough money, paying high taxes, they always been in pain from the labour and they...

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