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Maria has built and trained, coached many teams of successful entrepreneurs, high performers, executives all around the world in person and digitally in multi languages.

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Women In Business Course


Modern Network Course

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Money Course


Create Your Online Business


Relationships Course

Course Objectives & Outcomes

Transformation vs Information

We don’t give you only more information. We help you remove blocks, limiting beliefs, fears in your subconsious and have you be powerful with the information you already know.


You will see yourself as a leader of your life creating beakthrough results and living a life by design not by default.

Clarity on Life Purpose

Why you are here. What really makes you fulfilled that you could turn that to a career. You will discover that for yourself.

Peace of mind in Personal & Profassional life

When you can trust and have peace of mind that life goes the way you designed in every area.

Effectiveness communication

How to communicate effectively what’s important with clients, team members, customers, partners and produce results.

Dramatic shift in quality of relationships

You will experiance dramatic shift in the quality of your relationships with people around you in your personal life as well as your professional life.

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Hundreds of students from all around the world from multi languages participated in our courses and programs and created massive breakthrough results in their lives, their businesses and in their communities.