About Maria

The journey of an overworked, underpaid broke teenager in Canada who after decades of trial and error in different industries, hustling and struggles finally she arrived to a place where she was able to un-code the wealth & prosperity pathway as well as love & romance secret, using the secrets of spirituality, Devine masculine & feminine polarity, quantum energy, leadership trainings and other powerful universal laws and secrets. It all led her to her dream relationship with her soulmate as well as a dream business that is growing internationally all around the world.

Maria started her entrepreneurship journey by joining the direct sales industry when she was 18 years old. She was still a new immigrant in Canada. In 2009 while she was a banking employee and university student she partnered up with the second company and within six months she was full time in the industry. It took her less than a year to be one of the top earners/top producers in that company. Maria built large sales teams all over Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa, USA and Canada and traveled/lived all over the world to present, train and develop her teams and create leaders. While participating in all different types of personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship and business school courses and trainings online and offline. Maria’s passion always has been to make a different for GenY and millennial around the world and empower women to stand in their full power to transform their lives and their communities. In 2017 after a trip to the middle east Maria launched the company Ghaderi Consulting firm with digital courses in multi languages as well as high performers and executive coaching for private clients. In 2019 Maria was offered by Canadian schools to design and teach entrepreneurship courses for high school and college students. Today hundreds of people from every walk of life from company managements and leaderships to new generation entrepreneurs participating in Maria’s digital courses and coaching programs and produce massive success testimonials and results.

“Looking forward to celebrate life with you on the next success trip.” Maria 


In 2010 Maria was the youngest top earner in her company. She was featured on industry books, websites, magazines in network marketing and produced remarkable testimonials and results. Maria was retired at age 25 from her job and by age 30 she already traveled and helped hundreds and thousands of people to create financial freedom, mindset shift and life transformations all around the world.

Not only Maria was featured and awarded many times by the company as a top producer, Canada’s top earner, president cup nominee also received several Elite Leadership Awards, Executive choice award, being selected to be part of CEO leadership council group for years and was one of the first top 5 leaders in the company for many years on first luxury vacations and cruises incentives.

But also she got the attention of the industry legends and was featured and awarded on Network Marketing books, magazines and websites such as: Featured on Business For Home as one of industry top earners and leaders under 30 years old 2013, Industry Top 26 Female in the world on 2015 and 2014 industry top 87 mentors. Featured and interviewed by MLM Nation radio as well as Successful Entrepreneurs radio show. She was featured in Everything About Network Marketing book as one of Industry Experts.

Maria also been featured and speak on stages like Association of Network Marketing Professionals ANMP in both 2014 and 2017 in Dallas, Texas. And her interview article been featured on Networking Times Magazine.

Maria says

“I’m just a small town girl from Canada living her dream traveling the world, living part of the year in Barcelona, Rome, Brussels or Frankfurt, few months in Toronto, Middle east or different parts of USA while working from my laptop and phone with my assistant in different part of the world. – But it hasn’t always been this way…In the last few years, my life has completely transformed. I went from feeling stuck, unhappy and confused over worked, under paid broke student with two jobs – to a passionate, focused world traveler, retired from my job by 25, created a debt free life with dream business, serving clients internationally in multiple languages. Today I am more fulfilled than I have ever dreamed possible in a matter of few years. I am living my purpose, enjoying trips in different European towns, USA and have created my dream business that continues to grow more rapidly than I would have ever thought possible.! I can’t wait to be of service for more people to create the same or even better lives for themselves and live their dreams.” June 2019

The journey of an overworked, underpaid broke immigrant teenager in Canada who gone to university, became a banking employee, got into network marketing industry. She became a world traveler entrepreneur, leader and finally stepped into the spiritual and quantum law world, by un-coding the masculine and feminine polarity she was able to attract her dream relationship, soulmate while building international businesses. ~ June 2021