You might never got this email from me! But this is what I send to one of my new team members! Feel free to use it if it’s a value to your business!

“I like to welcome you to our community to our team and family. Congratulations for making  a great decision for your life and for your family. I know it’s not easy. Like any other decision it might come across a bit scary, a bit uncomfortable.
But remember.. anytime when we are about to do something big, larger than ourselves we get scared, uncomfortable.. And with all that we can’t let fear run our life or stop us from moving forward. So if you are scared a bit, nervous a bit, know that it is normal. We all went through it. Instead embrace it, acknowledge it but don’t let it stop you. Be carious of what it is that you are scared of. Maybe that’s where your power is, that’s where your spark and potential is that you haven’t discover yet.
Here how I had to deal with my FEARS years ago and still do everyday.I asked myself and people in the business, “what’s the worse case scenario? So I can be prepared for it while hopping and working toward the best case scenario.?!” 
They said, “The best case scenario in this business is that you will earn all those numbers, rewards, incentives in the presentations. You become multi-millionaire and enjoy life. However the worse case scenario is you don’t succeed to sale any product and no one is interested to join your team. And let’s say you invested couple of hundreds to few thousands in the business. Which with that you got some product that you can use, share and retail or give as gifts. Let’s say a year pass by and you don’t’ sale or build a team. Here is what will happen: The product you purchase are valuable and beneficial. We purchase new things all the time. And the experience of building a business and learning, growing is priceless.
I’m giving you this because I had to deal with myself over and over and over again. I wanted to quit many times.. But can you imagine if I did quit I would miss on the life that I have today?! When sometimes I think about it.. That how close I was to quit and something kept me in.. A msg, an email, a hope, a spark, a video, a call, a text and most of all the team, my5 and the patient mentros who were there for me.. Didn’t give up on me even when I gave up on myself… They kept standing when I was giving up..
So darling.. We got your back. If you allow us.. The community has your back.. We want you to succeed.. Not many communities, friends and even families are that way. I know mine were not. I had friends that were there in bdays, weddings, parties but when i was down, sad, depress, broke they all left me alone.. And when i choose this the same friends made fun of me, rejected me and made negative comments about my choice. Do you think they are still part of my life?! I don’t think so..
I don’t believe in coincident. I believe things happen for a reason. You are in this not accidently. I think somewhere somehow you asked for it. For a different life, different community, different team, people that have your back. And a new, brand new future that maybe right now you can’t even imagine it. But it’s coming at you. And all you have to do is to allow it.The art of allowing. Be with it. Don’t resist it. When fears, concerns, considerations show up don’t resist them. Don’t’ take action on them. Just acknowledge and communicate them with your MY5 and let it be.. Allow it to be resolved.
And the one other thing you gotta watch out for is looking good and fear of looking bad…! Don’t worry about what your friends and family and circle would think about you. Remember there will be a day when you will be standing in your full power, independently living your dreams, inviting the same people who might be making fun of you today on exclusive luxury vacations, luxury parties and even giving gifts and lending money to them..
Remembering that feels great. Because I got to witness that in my journey with gwt… SO don’t worry about looking good… You will look good..! And enjoy getting those beautiful product at discount member price, and make them tax write off as business expense and earning income while using and showing them off… You will look good darling..
That’s for today. Love you.. Welcome to the team.. Let’s build your dreams together.
Looking forward to hear about your journey!
Maria Ghaderi



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