Average number for personal sponsorship for a six figure and up income earner!

In a group on fb where most MLM companies top earners are a part of and they collaborate and talk freely about different issues in the industry I asked the following question. The answeres from so many annually six figures and seven figure earners in the industry from many different companies been amazing and eye opening.! Make sure read the comments and their answeres to the question:

“I’m just curious. What is an average number for personal sponsorship for a six figure and seven figure income earner in the industry!? If you are a six figure and seven figure earner how many people you personally sponsored to your program? At what average sign up packages?! For example I sponsored x number of people at $Y average packages! What are your numbers? Averages? If to Be is up to Me…. What do I need to do personally to make it to the top, so I know I’m one of the top leaders?! ” I asked my sponsor when I joined my program… Reality is that you can’t control what people will do.. You can’t control your upline, your company, your downline.. All you can do is to do Your job! And I did… Personal sponsorship, sales.. Attend meetings, learn to present and train.. And the rest is up to the company, system to duplicate and replicate while you are there learning, growing, contributing.. Missing something?!