Network Marketing model actually works?!

An old friend asked, “I see all the success and challenges you been going through since 2004 you first joined the industry of which you’ve been full time since 2010 in Network Marketing industry. At this point do you really think this industry model actually works?! Or maybe it works for few hard workers like you?! But in general not something works for everyone maybe?!”
I thought about that question.  And had a 5 second flash back to the past 13 years of my journey in this industry. Gosh how much I grown and transformed in the past 13 years. I would not regret any minute of everything I had to experience to be who I am today. I said to him, “The model works. Network Marketing model is the purest, most real model, and the closest business model to human’s nature. In this model in order to succeed you have to help others to succeed. In order to win in large level you must uplift your community/team. And in larger games the entire company and create more winners in order to really win.

It is the model that for long term sustainable success you need to get personally developed and get over your ego and step into higher self. Or else you will lose it all. It is the model of “mission” and “purpose” work in order to achieve at high level. At some point it become larger than you, your pocket and your family. It gets to the size of impacting communities, nations and even the world. And if you and your integrity level don’t grow with it or ahead of it you will lose it all and you will be left behind it.

Network Marketing is the purest most precious level of earning income. However people don’t make it and companies fail. Not because the model don’t work. But because people can’t get over their egos and selfish reasons. They miss the point that it is a mission and purpose game not money, income and material game. Although you will have all those as rewards and you will get compensated. Companies are also owned and run by ego driven people and their selfish reasons get in the way of the company’s success. People fail. They stop growing from inside and keep searching for the answer outside. They think the secret to success is to get the next leader, high achiever in their team, or to open the next country or to implement the next marketing tool, software, program, training system, or to get rid of people they pay them too much. And by all that they set themselves for failing even faster.

People forget that the actual answer is inside each and everyone of us. This is a heart centered business. You need to touch, move and inspire people with your authentic self to grow large. They turn this beautiful industry, a community of growth and personal development, house of celebration, fun, joy and aliveness to a heartless, careless sales army, that focused on getting people to do something they are not inspired to do. Which is recruiting, competing, sales that creates control, animosity, greed, hate and eventually develops bunch of thefts who are willing to do anything at any cost to win..etc. There is no limit on how high or how low human being can go. And boy I’ve been and seen the both side. And it harms people and the industry.
It’s not the network marketing model that fails. People and companies run by ego driven leaders and management that fail. The model is precious and works. Only if we knew how to use it.”

As I looked outside of the window to the light, remembering every face of those in my team, when I first met them in different parts of the world. I remembered the moment when I saw the spark in their eyes which was the sign of their desires, commitment and longing for success and living their dreams. The light, love, hope in their eyes that was telling me their stand in life. The unique individuals, personalities and their inner gift that I was about to discover and watch them bloom as we build the business together. That was the moment when I fell in love with this industry. To be that leader, that person to give life to people’s dreams and inspire them to take action for those dreams. To build empowering communities and celebrate life together. That’s where the entire universe resides.