Money Conversation

One of the most important stages in entrepreneurial journey is the relationship with money! In order to create success you need to clear any block including “lack”, “fears” energies as well as limiting beliefs and create a powerful energy to attract money in your life. I had to go through lots of ups and down in the industry to learn and decode the Money attraction conversation. Here is part 1 conversation I did on dec 2017 in a close group. But I think there is so much need for this conversation out there.. so i’m putting it out there for public and created a full module with all the details on money mentality inside the “Network Marketing Empire” course. The course is not open yet and it will be open soon! You can put your name in the waiting list to receive email as soon as it’s open to enroll in. For now you can enjoy the money conversation posts. Drop a comment if you are going to be part of the course once it’s open!



And I might create a different course that has the money conversation in it for those who are not part of the network marketing industry yet still they want to transform the Money conversation. Drop a comment if that’s you!


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