Hi. I’m maria

“I’m just a small town girl from Canada living her dream traveling the world, living part of the year in Barcelona, Rome, Brussels or Frankfurt, few months in Toronto, Middle east or different parts of USA while working from my laptop and phone with my assistant in different part of the world. 

But it hasn’t always been this way…In the last few years, my life has completely transformed. I went from feeling stuck, unhappy and confused over worked, under paid broke student with two jobs – to a passionate, focused world traveler, retired from my job by 25, created a debt free life with a six figure residual income business by age 28 and by 33 I’m owning my own company, serving clients internationally in multiple languages.


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We work with private and public groups to address their most important challenges and transform their organizations. Our custom and dedicated approach connects deep insights into high performance dynamics and close collaboration across all levels of each leader’s organization. We embed the desired behaviors, processes, and practices in leaders’ organizations and enable them to achieve unprecedented results with consistent action, commitment, and speed. These new levels of performance and competitive advantage are unprecedented and enduring. Modern Business Education Organization was established in November 2017 by Maria Ghaderi .