Maria is an international success coach for entrepereneurs and a soulful business guru to thousands of people who follow her work in different languages around the globe. Read some of the testimonials and success stories here.

I am account manager from Christchurch, New Zealand. I work hard for the rest of my life, but I realized that earning income through salary is not going to help me to have the life I always dream of. I’ve been searching for years and been listening to global entrepreneur interviews. When I heard Maria’s MLM Nation interview I was impressed by her strength, energy and her leadership quality in such a young age. The best quote I heard from her “If you want to be part of the 1% group, do not do what the 99% do”. Curious, I contacted her and asking her and after hours of conversations i joined the team. I am very grateful that she accepted me to be part of her business. I am honored to be coached personally by her. Within my first 3 months, my team had grown to USA, Italy, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand and France. I was stoked, and very surprised with these outcome. Not only it’s been growing and helping me to have a better financial future but also it’s been helping me with my personal and spiritual growth as well. 

Elyana Shukri

I want to thank you fr the three months time and energy you put in with me during the course. It has impacted my life, my work and my personal life so much. I feel I just found myself during this three months. Flow of money is open in my life. In my network marketing team I’m easily sponsoring new people. And easily selling product and growing my team. My relationship with myself and people around me never been this good before. And so much more that I can not put it all in words and I owe it all to your course and your coaching. 
Thanks you for teaching me how to live and how to build network marketing business both. 
Shokooh Barati
درود بر شما خانم قادری عزیز
ممنونم ازتون بابت ۳ماه انرژی و زمانی که برای آموزش ما گذاشتید، وااااقعا برای من توی زندگی شخصی و کاریم تاثیر داشته و توی خیلی از موارد خودمو پیدا کردم. جریان پول توی زندگیم خیلیییی بیشتر شده ، ورودی گرفتنم وفروش شخصیم بهتر شده ،رابطم با خودم و دیگران بسیار عالی شده و خیلی دستاوردهای دیگه که همشو مدیون شرکت در دوره شما هستم…
سپاسگزارم که درس زندگی و نتورک رو هردوباهم بهم دادید
شکوه براتی

Maria and I met on 2010 where she introduced me to network marketing industry. At the time after years of putting my career as an actor and opera singer on the back burner while balancing a day job as a service director for an airline, I was exhausted and constantly jet-lagged and sleep-deprived. I was often injured and my health and fitness both suffered. My day-job was no longer serving my quest to support my passion. My relationships fell apart because I was trying to juggle it all, and what was making me financially stable was the very thing making my life a mess. Since i met Maria and been working with the team the residual income has allowed me to start taking acting classes with the top acting coach in the country and am attending more auditions than ever. I have since been cast in multiple productions and concerts and have the time to say YES to what I love to do. I have discovered a new passion in photography and film directing, and I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of my idols. What’s even better is that it has allowed me to help my family to have the same freedom that I am enjoying now. We are building in Italy, Argentina and the Middle East and I’m looking forward to enjoy the free cruise, and travel bonuses with all the incentive programs with the leadership team.

Michelle Righeti

I joined her network marketing team May 2013 while I was 6 in construction business for 6 years before that and I worked with group of 40+ years old men that i watch them complaining about never had enough money, paying high taxes, they always been in pain from the labor and they never had enough time to spend with their family or doing the things they love to do. That’s where I started to search and found this opportunity that today has changed my entire life. In September 2015 when I was laid off from work for about 2 months I was happy that I was gifted with my new business and I was able to make $500-$1000 each week within that time.

Aside from the financial freedom this industry has also been able to equip me with with new skills and a totally different mindset. Before this opportunity I used to party a lot, live pay cheque to pay cheque, chase girls and even do a lot of drugs. Because of the mentorship, the training and all the positive environment I was surrounded with in this team I was able to shape into the person I am today, someone that has been able to create a dream and focus on achieving that dream and teaching and mentoring others to do the same.

Eddy Brenes

It was Nov 2017 while I was tired and overwhelmed from the stress and issues that I could not handle anymore. There was so many questions in my mind and in that darkness and chaos I could feel a light at the end of tunnel. And I knew there is someone who can help me get clarity to find my path and get clear on how to accomplish my goals and dreams. Once I met Maria right away I participated in her 3 days seminar and realized my god I stepped into a powerful destination. Today this girl Hadis day after day becoming more aware, wise and I was able to build a powerful and purposeful team and find answer to all my questions. I learned how to heal myself, how to face and overcome my fears. And now i’m so align with everything my my powerful coach shows me working with all other students, creating a new movement of love and awareness. Maria thank you for everything you’ve been teaching us. Thank you for the growth and development and the person I’ve become and becoming everyday because of all the help and coaching you do. ~ Hadis Bakhtiar
آبان ماه سال پيش موقعي كه درمانده و خسته بودم از فشار ها و مسائلي كه باهاشون دست و پنجه نرم مي كردم .سوال هاي بسيار زيادي كه توي ذهنم بود اما توي اين آشفتگي ها اعماق وجودم نوري رو
احساس مي كرد و ميدونستم كسي هست كه مي تونه من رو به شفافيت برسونه و مسير ام رو براي رسيدن به اون هدف هاي والا روشن كنه. تا موقعي كه با خانم قادري آشنا شدم . بلافاصله دوره ٣روزه رو شركت كردم و تازه فهميدم خداي من پا توي چه مسير قدرتمندي گذاشتم والان حديث بختيار روز به روز آگاه ترشد تونست با تيم قدرتمند و هدفمندي شروع به كاركنه به سوال هاش پاسخ داده شد و خودش رو التيام داد و يادگرفت. ترس هاش رو از بين ببره و ما الان هم تراز هستيم با مربي قدرتمند و آگاه همراه با دانشجوهايي كه در زنجيره عشق و آگاهي ماهستند. خانم قادري سپاس بابت آموزش هاي قدرتمند تون .سپاس بابت رشدي كه كردم و شخصيتي كه به كمك شما هر روز ارتقا پيدا ميكنه
حدیث بختیار

Since I participated in “Modern Network Marketing” digital course my life has completely turned around. My vision, my attitude, my view of life, beliefs, how I see things completely has transformed. Specially the energy around money, the laws of attracting money to my life has helped me so much in my work and business and my personal life. I owe all these to your course. I feel my pathway is so bright and i have so much clarity. I am clear on my purpose in life. Thank you for the energy and inspiration. It’s all wonderful experience. 

Setareh Fattahi   

من از وقتی که که تو دوره ی مدرن نتورک شرکت کردم زندگیم از این رو به اون رو شده، نگرش هام، باورهام، بینشم نسبت به مسائل اطرافم، همه چی تغییر کرده، خصوصا دوره های انرژی پول، قوانین پول فوق العاده بهم کمک کرده، خصوصا تو کسب و کار شخصی خودم، و این ها رو مدیون دوره های شمام، احساس میکنم راهم خیلیی روشن شده و رسالت و هدف زندگیم کاملا مشخص شده، ممنونم از انرژی فوق العاده تون. ~~ ستاره فتاحی

I participated in Nov 2017 seminar first time. Since then I have taken both, “Modern Network Marketing” and “Women In Business” courses. I’ve got many many results from participating in each program in every area of my life from personal to professional. I was finally able to accomplish peace within myself and accept myself for who I am who i am not as a powerful and ideal woman regardless of my age, life circumstances, weight, education, income level or any other criteria. While before participating in Maria’s programs I would evaluate myself and people around me with those criteria and compare myself to them. Since then my self steam has been improved so much. And i’m able to help myself and many women around me to change their relationship with men and understand their value better. I have found my purpose in life and i can recognize my ego and how life would be if i’m not in control of my ego. I am experiencing the unlimited love of serving community, connections and relationships at a different level to the point that i don’t need to offer my product, service or partnership to people because people are a request for my product and business. They love to know more about my business, my industry, and my product. My teams are following up and excited about training and learning and growing. It’s not hard and stressful and chasing and hustling anymore. Everything is ease and flow. In coaching with Maria I learned the correct way of handling challenges. How to create the future and all my dreams using my feelings, my heart and my mind. And how to change circumstances that I don’t like with my energy and my mind. How to lead my relationships with my heart and focus on myself and my feelings vs reacting using my mind. The “Women In Business” and “Modern Network Marketing” courses are all pure Love. It’s hard to describe them in words. You need to experience them to understand it. I have developed skills and knowledge on how to attract, earn, save and grow money in my life. I have a wonderful relationship with money. Now i know and am proud of selling and developed powerful sales skills. Many resources of money been opening up for me and since i’ve finished these courses even in the most unexpected situations a way opened up and the money I needed came to my life miraculously. My beliefs in God and universal laws has been stronger than ever. I have had tremendous growth in spirituality. I feel free and now I understand the human being’s infinity potential of growth. I learned how to accept and handle life changes and realized any change in life is for our good. ~~ Zinat Maavi 

من آبان ۹۶ توی اولین دوره های سمینار۳روزه ،زنان در تجارت و مدرن نتورک شرکت کردم. نتایج خیلی خیلی زیادی رو از شرکت در دوره ها گرفتم هم در زندگیه شخصیم و هم در فضای کار.. تونستم بعد از سالها با خودم به صلح درونی برسم و خودم رو همونطور که هستم و نیستم بعنوان یک زن قدرتمند و ایده آل بپذیرم، فارغ از سن و شرایط زندگی و وزن و قد و مدرک تحصیلی و درامد و هر فاکتوری که تا قبل از شرکت در دوره ها باهاش آدم ها و زنها رو میسنجیدم و خودمو باهاشون مقایسه میکردم. اعتمادبه نفسم خیلی بالا رفت توانایی برقراری ارتباط بخصوص با زنها برای من عالی شد،اثرگذاریم بالا رفت و روی کال های متفاوت و زیادی دعوت شدم تا درباره نتایجم و توسعه فردی و مسائل زنان بگم،به خودم و زنهای زیادی تونستم کمک کنم که روابطشون با مردها رو اصلاح کنند و ارزش واقعیه خودشون رو درک کنند،رسالتم رو پیدا کردم و تونستم دنیای خارج از منیت رو ببینم،عشق بی انتهایی که در خدمت به جامعه هست رو دارم تجربه میکنم .ارتباط سازی های خیلی قدرتمندی رو تجربه میکنم و بجای اینکه من پیشنهاد کار به افراد بدم برای ورود به صنعت نتورک مارکتینگ،افراد زیادی خودشون متقاضی هستن و دوست دارند درباره این صنعت بدونن یا با محصولات من کار کنند،خود افراد آموزشهارو پیگیری میکنند و دیگه فشار و سختی که قبلا باید پشت سرمیگذاشتیم رو ندارم. نحوه ی صحیح برخورد با انواع چالش در زندگی رو یاد گرفتم، چگونگیه ساخت آینده و رویاهام با قلب و ذهنم، چگونگیه تغییر شرایطی که دلخواهم نیست، راهبری انواع روابط با قلبم و با تمرکز به خودم و خیلی نتایج دیگه…. دوره های زنان و مدرن نتورک سراسر عشق هست و واقعا نمیشه توی کلام همه چیز رو گفت، بخش بزرگیش رو باید هرکسی خودش تجربه کنه تا درک کنه این نتایج و احساسات رو مهارت فروشم و ارتباطم با پول خیلی عالی شده،ارزش و جایگاه بالایه فروشنده بودن رو تونستم درک کنم.کانالهای زیادی برای جاری شدنه پول به زندگیم باز شد و بعد از شرکت در دوره ها حتی توی سختترین لحظات هم راهی پیدا شد که پولی که اون لحظه لازم داشتم به دستم رسید. باورم به قدرت و حمایت خداوند و کائنات خیلییی زیاد شد،به لحاظ معنوی رشد خیلی خیلی بالایی داشتم،به رهایی رسیدم و بی انتها بودنه احساسات و پتانسیل آدمی رو درک کردم…پذیرش و نحوه ی صحیح واکنش نسبت به تغییرات زندگی رو یادگرفتم و درک کردم هر تغییری در جهان در جهت رشد  هست.— زینت معاوی

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