Roza: Hello to the best and most beautiful leader in the world. I just wanted to thank you. Tonight I sold product to three clients. Now i truly understand when you were telling us not make things so complicated. This is a simple business. Introducing business and product to clients became so easy. I’m so comfortable doing it. Before I used to spend so much time with the team and I wouldn’t have time and energy to product personal volume. But now that’s not the case. I’m building teams in few diff cities at the same time, all by myself. And it’s so easy to help them become independent. My relationship with women is so good and it’s so easy to work with them and develop them. It’s so easy for me to network and build relationships and easily introduce product and business and make sells. My personal sales volume is increasing everyday so is my team sales. And my sales team is expanding. And these exciting results are keep growing and expanding. I’m so grateful to your teaching. And i love you so much.

Mitra: “Maria you are the best coach in my life. I have no idea if I didn’t find you how would I be able to work in network marketing, or how would I be able to have a better relationship with myself, or how would I be able to have a great relationship with men in my team without hurting them, or how would I be able to identify my blocks, limited beliefs and fear… Since I’ve been working and embracing my feminine energy I feel people like more and respect me more. I feel so safe and happy at working environments. Thank you for everything. I can’t wait to see you in person.Thank you!

Zohre: “I am so happy. I feel so good. Thank you my dear Maria for opening my pathway. Faced and overcame my fears and made an important decisions for my life that I never had the courage to do that before and all those limited beliefs were stopping me. I love you. You are unique. One of the things I attracted to my life during this course was getting fit. It’s been over a year that i’m over 84 kg and i’ve been very upset about it and didn’t like myself in the mirror and wanted to be at 75. It’s interesting that during this course without doing any diet, only by doing the inner work and doing the mirror work i was able to hit that goal. Everyone asking what did I do to lose that much weight and I can’t tell them I did diet or work out because I’ve done none of those. I only did the inner work Maria been teaching in this course and start to love myself and the extra weight disappeared.I love you so so so much Maria. Thank you “

Ali : “Good Day Ms Ghaderi. Is there a course for Men that you teach that we can participate?! If not would you introduce a book we can read?. My sister participated in your “Women in Business” course and since then her behaviors has changed dramatically. I’m very intrigued how did that happen. We both participated in “Modern Network” course last season. And she is in “Women In Business” course now. Please let me know.”

Marjan: ” Hello Maria, I used your training about selling product and not only I start to increase my sales in network marketing but also I start to sell other types of product outside of network marketing and also started to expand my data base and my client base. Only if someone really want and take action and know where you are going by these training they can easily reach any target. Thank you for being here and for all your support and training. Now with your training finally selling is the most powerful and easiest thing for me.”

Aram: During participating in the course I started to sell product on social media. And this is after 9 months not working in the industry I finally start to work again. Maria work with the your methods of training is so unique and different and works. I don’t feel tired, drained or overwhelmed working and building businesses anymore. All my work relationships and team buildings are joyful and friendship base.

Happy Birthday Leader Maria, Your teachings has changed my life and people around me. My view of life  and my the future i’m creating has been impacted and changed completely since I got to know you. And it’s because of your present in my life. I wish you health and happiness beside your family.

Marjan: The first thing was the unlimited peace that was easily created in my life. Before participating in this program I used to believe that as a woman I will work like a man but you teach me how to live and work like a goddess woman. Since I’m using my feminine energy to build my business and my life everything became possible and creating success is easy. Being free, letting go of attachments and fear work we did made it so easy that now I just need to think of something in order to have it. The miracle of signs and numbers that I can see the guidance on daily bases in my life. My relationship with my husband is at a different level. While I was in network marketing the hustling and working hard really put my marriage in risk and gave him hard time. But since I’m in your program the relationship is fun, easy and he feels safe and at peace with me. I create so much more from this course in every area of my life…

Hi Ms Ghaderi, Your training really was a gift from god for me. They helped me not only in Network Marketing but also in my personal life make a huge impact and create massive amazing results. Thank you for being there for us.

Maryam: Maria.. Today i was listening to day 3 of the training. You are really a gift for people in our country. You helped us create so much clarity that is phenomenon. My sister is 12 years old. She was listening to your voice with me and she was so inspired. She said “Maria is like us. I feel she is talking to me.” I’ve been taking on all your training. With your help I choose the right company and right team and not it’s growing. I feel so good. I owe this to you. I promise you will see me on stages accomplishing the best.

This training has impacted my life in every area. I started to learn my old limiting beliefs and was able to change them with new powerful beliefs and develop new skills. This training has opened many locks in my life in every area of my life. During this course I was able to get to know and connect to my limiting beliefs and fears in my subconscious and conscious level.

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