Maria and I met on 2010 where she introduced me to network marketing industry. At the time after years of putting my career as an actor and opera singer on the back burner while balancing a day job as a service director for an airline, I was exhausted and constantly jet-lagged and sleep-deprived. I was often injured and my health and fitness both suffered. My day-job was no longer serving my quest to support my passion. My relationships fell apart because I was trying to juggle it all, and what was making me financially stable was the very thing making my life a mess. Since i met Maria and been working with the team the residual income has allowed me to start taking acting classes with the top acting coach in the country and am attending more auditions than ever. I have since been cast in multiple productions and concerts and have the time to say YES to what I love to do. I have discovered a new passion in photography and film directing, and I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of my idols. What’s even better is that it has allowed me to help my family to have the same freedom that I am enjoying now. We are building in Italy, Argentina and the Middle East and I’m looking forward to enjoy the free cruise, and travel bonuses with all the incentive programs with the leadership team.

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