I am account manager from Christchurch, New Zealand. I work hard for the rest of my life, but I realised that earning income through salary is not going to help me to have the life I always dream of. I’ve been searching for years and been listening to global entrepreneur interviews. When I heard Maria’s MLM Nation interview I was impressed by her strength, energy and her leadership quality in such a young age. The best quote I heard from her “If you want to be part of the 1% group, do not do what the 99% do”. Curious, I contacted her and asking her and after hours of conversations i joined the team. I am very grateful that she accepted me to be part of her business. I am honoured to be coached personally by her. Within my first 3 months, my team had grown to USA, Italy, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand and France. I was stoked, and very surprised with these outcome. Not only it’s been growing and helping me to have a better financial future but also it’s been helping me with my personal and spiritual growth as well.

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