I joined the team May 2013 while I was 6 in construction business for 6 years before that and I worked with group of 40+ years old men that i watch them complaining about never had enough money, paying high taxes, they always been in pain from the labour and they never had enough time to spend with their family or doing the things they love to do. Thats where I started to search and found this opportunity that today has changed my entire life. In September 2015 when I was laid off from work for about 2 months I was happy that I was gifted with my new business and I was able to make $500-$1000 each week within that time.

Aside from the finanical freedom this industry has also been able to equip me with with new skills and a totally different mindset. Before this opportunity I used to party a lot, live pay cheque to pay cheque, chase girls and even do a lot of drugs. Because of the mentorship, the training and all the positivity I was surrounded with in this team I was able to shape into the person I am today, someone that has been able to create a dream and focus on achieving that dream and teaching and mentoring others to do the same.

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