Are you ready to earn an income you feel great about while being of service to others?

Are you interested in becoming affiliate marketer, network marketer or business owner then this is for you….
Imagine positioning yourself as the dominant player in the industry all over internet. People seeking you out, your sales team, your opportunity and your product while increasing your income to over six figure. 

Are you ready to develop a daily method of operation to leverage your time?

Are you ready to implement attraction marketing  and closing strategies to recruit effortlessly?

Are you ready to generate leads online and offline?

Are you ready to build a personal brand online by using social media effectively?

Are you ready to build an international team without needing to be present in every country yet create massive speed in every town by leveraging social media techniques?

Are you ready to become an excellent communicator?

Then you landed in the right place today.

And I remember exactly what it feels like to be living in the world, not doing work that you truly love. Being overworked and underpaid.

I know what it’s like to lack purpose, money …. to be bored out of your mind at a thankless job… and to know deep in your heart that you are made for more.

You Can Qualify For This Course If…

You are ready to let go of your excuses …
Your current activity is not working and you need coaching or mentor-ship to move you in the right direction …
You are coachable trainable and open to receiving direct feedback ..
You are committed to your growth and personal development AND you are prepared to make a financial investment to significantly improve your results!

Here what you will learn:

You Will Learn and Develop The Four Basic and Fundamental Leadership Skills  to Build and Sustain a Team

I will help you identify your personal Leadership Strategy and Unique Gifts for Helping Others

Learn the Skills for Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment In Your Team that Enables Change within Your Team Members and your Leaderships

Strategies and Techniques On How to Develop Powerful Leaders In Your Team

Form Your Strategy for Establishing Your Presence Online.

Make it Easy for Prospects and Customers to Find You

 Full training on manifestation and Money Mentality! This conversation and energy clearing alone worth thousands of dollars! You will discover all your blocks, barriers, fears and limiting beliefs in your subconscious that block you from earning income and sabotage your network marketing business! And you will be clearing them and I will help you to create powerful believes to attract money to your life which result in a smooth ride in network marketing! 

Amanda Frances Access to the Exclusive and Private FB Group for Additional Support, Wisdom and Love! I personally spend time in the group two days each week.

Amanda Frances A Weekly Meditation, Weekly Affirmations, and Truly Transformational Homework.

Amanda FrancesWeekly Private Coaching call with Maria personally

Amanda Frances 1.5 hour training on Webinars/zoom for Leadership which covers how to use different social media tools and other savvy internet marketing strategies to attract more team members and customers at a time in your business. I even show you the tech side of setting up your webinar via screensharing on my computer.

Amanda Frances Weekly videos and audios sent to your email on four powerful Leadership techniques and you will have life access to these information.

Amanda Frances  Exciting News! Special Guests! MLM million dollars earners from ANMP, BusinessForHome, MLM Nation, Ambitious Women and other powerful resources will also be our special guests through out the course revealing secrets and tips they never revealed in public and answering questions and supporting you!

This Four Months online course only happens twice each year. You’ll also receive free weekly vlogs to design a life & business you are wildly obsessed with.

Enrollment for Building your Network Marketing Empire is closed. Sign up below to be the first to know when it opens again! You will receive Exclusive First Access to the Course + a special Coupon Code to use during my Next Launch!

About Maria

In this course I will share with you WHAT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!

Growing up in a single parent family I had to learn how to work for money at different jobs since I was 16 years old.  My last job was at the bank while I was studying engineering at university. I was an over worked, under paid broke student those days. I had to borrow mom’s credit card to join the industry. Took me a few weeks to pay mom back and one year after I quit my banking job and went full-time. That was on July 2009 and I never look back since then. It took me 2 years to pay off my student loan, and all other debts. By age 30 I was 100% debt free, documented six figure earner with my home base business, traveling all over Europe, middle east and USA for business and for pleasure.
I can’t describe how joyful it is to earn residual income weeks after weeks for 9 years consistent, living a debt free life and travel/live all around the world. But I know I’m here to play larger games. I just got back in Canada end of Jan 2017 to reset. I knew 9 years enjoying the fruits of everything I learned, build over years wasn’t all that I came here for. I knew the job wasn’t done and there was more for me to do. I tried pushing the same business more and that wasn’t it.

It was time to give back, and share everything, everything that worked and didn’t work with the world. A nine years journey of hustling, building, traveling, trial and error, learning and accomplishing. I knew there are thousands and millions of entrepreneurs out there struggling and their upline advice of “you just have to work harder” doesn’t do it..! They know there got to be something more.. Something that I discovered over years of spending thousands of dollars on personal development, building and losing teams, trial and error.. Past 9 years I’ve Learned and I’ve Earned all kind of business, success and life lessons that can help anyone’s life, business turn around.

I would love to share with you some of my 9 years success, proven experience in my business. I wish I had someone with 9 years success track record, millions of dollars sales volume to partner with me in my first years in business and wanted to hand me her/him success lessons. These coaching, mentor-ship cost me thousands of dollars and I would love to share that with you for almost nothing. The same results that took me 9 years to create might,and will help you create in one year or less.

Once you are in we will set structures that works around your life and help you to get to where you want to be as soon as possible. Looking forward to see you part of the core group success stories. Here you can read some of the success stories of people we’ve been working together.

If you are truly ready for a big shift, a big change for your life then I’m here to help you. My job is to show you the direction that someone else showed me when I was finally ready in 2009.. That was the time when I stopped and made the decision that Enough is Enough! I want change and I’m ready to be coached and directed only by those who actually made it..!

If you are at that stage of your life and ready for the big shift then my promise is that I will reveal to you the world’s best kept secret that changed my life.! It’s way simple that you think it is..!


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