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Communication Skills in Business

Hey you all! As I was going through my old videos I came across this training video I did when I was 23 years old for my team. It's company training but has some powerful contents on old and new model of communication that can be applied to any business, relationship,...

How to have Breakthrough?

One of the universal law which analogy talk about it is a specific distinction for Breakdown and Breakthrough! It says, "whenever you declare a vision, a goal, a possibility, a new future, universe start to throw obstacles and breakdowns your way. Like massive...

The Gap Is Closed.!

First weekend of June 2017 was one of the most remarkable weekends for me. I attended the ANMP event in Dallas, Texas. Surprisingly I was on stage for millennials panel which you can watch here. In that four days conference I’ve probably had the most breakthroughs. As...

Do you pay income tax to your government?

If you are living in a country like Canada, USA or European countries you probably pay a very high income tax. If so you got to watch the following video and learn how to save thousands of dollars every year on your taxes alone:...

A way to thrive by Networking Times Magazine

Yeyy the article I wrote was published in Networking Times Magazine on Oct 2016. I strongly recommend you to get the Sep,Oct issue of Networking Times Magazine as I love the rest of empowering stories. "I was only 18 years old when I first heard about network...

What makes events successful!

When you are setting up events, conference, webinar, live video, group chat your target is to have people a)show up, b) participate then c)contribute. That's how you can determine the level of success and effectiveness of that event. I personally don't attend...

The truth of MLM industry they don’t want you to know

Telecommunication and health MLM companies will try to have you believe that since their industries are growing as whole, their direct selling company market is also growing. This is the biggest misrepresentation in the industry today. The market share for the direct...

What is Transformation?

What is Transformation? I say, “Transformation is like a joke!” It is like a fish in the ocean searching for the ocean. Transformation is the very core of our being; going to the core of our self and living our life from there.   We all came into this world gifted...

Hills and Valleys of business. The Rollercoaster

He said, "I haven't been in communication with you. But lately I feel like shit. I feel I messed up. I respect you a lot Maria. But the more I watch people became successful the more I feel I'm not good enough, I messed up. I can't fulfill people's expectation of me....

What type of lifestyle inspire you in Network Marketing?

Someone asked, "when you don't trade time for money what do you do with your life?"... When you got residual income every week you can do things you enjoy with your precious life. I love expansion, transformation and personal growth so I read and research a lot and do...

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